July 4, 2016


Creative Exchange has broad experience of working on complex projects. We know we need to find the right fit for our clients.  We are fortunate in our long term working relationships and are able to draw on this to find the right person for the job.  We also work closely with other consultancies who are in similar work and are committed to sharing their expertise and building partnerships.


If you have a project or idea you would like to discuss please let us know. We never ever share any information without your written consent.



Diana Hudson  – Director

Diana is Director of Creative Exchange.  Her background is in the creative industries and has run several businesses.   She is an innovative Project Manager, trainer and assessor with extensive business development and training experience.  Her great love is building partnerships sometimes with the most unlikely combinations.

She is great communicator and a focused and accomplished leader driving long-term positive change that enhances social impact and profitability.

Paul Chapman – Project Manager

Paul has over 25 years’ experience of working for local government and NGO’s in the ever-changing urban landscape of south east London.  He has managed a variety of European projects for the past 20 years, overseeing the process from finding suitable partners to writing the application and coordinating the partnership.

He has extensive experience of working with city partners on topics ranging from youth democracy to urban river restoration; from tackling gender violence to the development of co-working spaces for micro-business.  He has specific interest and experience in utilising the intercultural potential of public open space, with particular focus on improving the natural environment in urban settings.  He loves making connections between people and ideas, encouraging stronger outcomes through cross cultural interactions.