June 24, 2016


Project Development & Management

Creative Exchange specialises in project development; from an initial idea, drawing together partners and stakeholders writing bids and acquiring funding. We project manage providing clear guidance and leadership from start to finish providing evaluation, monitoring and final reporting. We enjoy working with innovative and sometimes unconventional people. As a social enterprise we are looking for projects which are useful to both beneficiaries and stakeholders.


What we do

We lead or partner in projects across EU   mainly for the Erasmus plus Programme  These are principally  focused on education and the creative and cultural industries.

During the last 5 years, we have lead a number of projects for sectors who were crying out for inspiring resources. It is these people who drive change and are being overlooked. It invariably their passion and belief in what they do that keeps them motivated and typically they struggle to find both the time and skill to develop meaningful training, make the right connections and develop to their full potential.

Entrepreneur Development

We believe that entrepreneurs play a very important role in our economy. It is a hard road and some come not fully prepared. We are able to bring our own experience empathy and knowledge to realistically assist entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, gain skills and access financial support.

Creative Exchange (CEX) is a social enterprise, specialising in building partnerships and networks. We enable the development and growth of creative, innovative and cultural businesses and organisations. CEX has worked alongside creative people, arts organisations and universities for over 12 years on a variety of programmes and projects. It provides a range of specialist help in order to develop effective, profitable and sustainable businesses.

We understand the needs of community leaders who have to find new and inspiring ways to communicate their message. CEX specialises  in finding innovative ways to support them in learning how to navigate subjects such as funding , training and  sources of advice.

Where we are

We are working from IMPACT HUB in Kings Cross – https://kingscross.impacthub.net/. We are also working with our partners in their own offices across Europe.

IMPACT HUB  is a  fast growing international network that supports especially not-for-profit businesses, seeking to nurture forward-thinking entrepreneurs. It has co-working spaces in 77 countries including our partner countries and involves many businesses in the creative and cultural Industries, thus directly serving our target group.

This enables us to be strategic in reaching to the heart of partners and beneficiaries, who not only have a wealth of up  to date information, but also a clear understanding of what is needed and what, realistically can be achieved.

Assessment & Qualification Development

Creative Exchange are qualified assessors we work with the major assessment bodies. In particular we work with Small Firms Enterprise Development Initative (SFEDI), writing qualifications, handbooks and delivering workshops and assessing. We have partnered with Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative to create a qualification  specifically for the creative and cultural industries.


We are skilled in writing focused material which has a clear direction and outcome and also speaks to the candidate in a language they understand .